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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What should I have done?

Last wednesday I was standing at the back gate of my hostel waiting for one of my friend to return from the tea shop. In the meanwhile, I saw a middle aged man (nearly 35) coming to me. As soon as I saw him, I understood that he is coming for some help from me (don't know how). As expected by me, he came to me and asked me whether I understand Tamil. I answered in No. Then he said no problem I know English too.

Then he started narrating me a story that he had come to Chennai from Coimbatore. He was called for an interview. After the interview as soon as he got into a bus someone pickpocketed his wallet and that he is left with no money. He asked me for some money so that he could go back to his home. At once I thought to give him money, but then I thought for a while whether he is speaking truth or it's a tactic by him to get free money. I said that I too don't have money and I need to go to ATM to withdraw some money. He just said ok and left. I kept looking at him till he was invisible and kept thinking that should I have given him the money?

Really, it's very difficult to differentiate between honest people and liars. Why didn't Gandhi give us a talisman for this too?

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